Photograph by Sandra Louise Dyas

The Lost Nation is a repository of information about (mostly) the Wolfe family: here you’ll find photographs, legends, documents, and genealogies. But this is also a place for me to write about Iowa and my hometown of Davenport.

I am a writer and editor living in Charlottesville, Virginia. I am managing editor of Encyclopedia Virginia and author of the site’s blog. My essay “The Case of the Hungry Stranger,” about my father’s death, was published by The Morning News on May 3, 2013. Another essay, “Stories from the Lost Nation,” appeared in Colorado Review in its Summer 2009 issue. Other writing has found its way into VQR, the University of Virginia Magazine, Jazz.com (here and here), and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Image from The Lost Nation Photographs by Sandra Louise Dyas.

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  1. I am blown away by the information I found on the Wofle’s of The Lost Nation in Clinton, Iowa. I was born in Ireland, in a place where all the Woulfe’s originated from and from reading your story, I am 100% certain that we are distant relations. In West Limerick, Wolfe is spelled with a “u” but I guess the name was shortened when our forefathers came to this country. It is so funny that I happen to find this because I am in the early process of writing a book. My name is John and I have brothers and first cousins with names like Patrick, Philip, Richard and Maurice. So the name(s) has been in the family for generations on both sides of the Atlantic and can be traced back to the mid 1800’s. I am an American now but I own property on the borders of Kerry & Limerick.
    Love to hear from you. I have been all over this country but never been to Virginia. I heard it is beautiful. I call the far northern suburbs of Chicago home.
    John Woulfe

  2. Really have found your site useful and informative. I’m a descendent of Maurice Wolfe, Father of Ellen Wolfe who married Edmund Mulvihill, my Great Grandfather. Your information was very helpful in finding what happened to the siblings of Ellen Wolfe and that many of them relocated to Carroll County in Western Iowa from Clinton County. I grew up in Oxford Junction and attended the Univ. of Iowa and get back to OJ from time to time.

  3. I found this while doing a web search, randomly, but some pictures seem to be exactly like those from my family’s. Is this even possible? I am from Iowa City, Iowa, but my last name(maiden too) is Clark. I grew up with children named Wolfe as classmates and friends…but one picture posted looks just like my uncle and my dad? It cannot possibly be correct, right?

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