Arthur Collison (1890–1903)

Arthur Collison was born in April 1890, in Carroll County, Iowa. He was the son of Joseph Collison, a Catholic farmer and native of Leeds, England, and Ann Wolfe Collison, a native of County Kerry, Ireland. He had eight siblings: William (b. 1875); John R. (b. 1877); Joseph B. (b. 1878); Daniel A. (b. 1880); Frederick Paul (b. 1882); Mary (b. 1885); twin, Maurice L. “Mort” and Frank L. (b. 1887); and Arthur (b 1890).

Collison died on November 1, 1903, in Carroll. His obituary, published in the Carroll Sentinel on November 3, explained that he was killed on a Sunday morning “by a loaded wagon passing over him.”

The parents were attending early mass in Carroll and Arthur, in company with an elder brother, was hauling a load of fodder from the field. In going over a ditch in the road the boy was thrown to the ground, the wagon passing over his breast, crushing him and killing him instantly. Arthur’s death is a terrible blow to the family as he was the youngest child and an exemplary manly boy.

He is buried at Saint Joseph’s Cemetery in Carroll, Iowa.

image: Gravestone of Arthur Collison, Mount Olivet Cemetery, Carroll, Iowa (Geo. Clinton / Find a Grave)

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