Maurice J. Wolfe (d. 1824)

Maurice James Wolfe was born in Cratloe, County Clare, Ireland. He was the son of James Maurice “The Barrister” Wolfe and Johanna McCoy Wolfe. He had two and possibly three siblings: Richard James (b. 1863), James, and Edmund, the latter’s relationship remaining unconfirmed. James Wolfe died at age twelve.

On February 23, 1784, in the Monagea parish of County Limerick, he married Helen (sometimes Ellen) Dore. Church records indicate that witnesses to the marriage were Rutlegro Browne and Robert Dore. The couple had six children: John (b. ca. 1794), Richard (b. 1795), Edmund MauriceMaurice (b. ca. 1800), Bartholomew (b. 1809), and Michael (b. 1813).

Little else is known of Wolfe, except that he farmed at Knockanasig, a townland just south of Listowel, County Kerry, and died in 1824. He is buried at Templeathea, County Limerick.

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